Liber lilith and sexual alchemy books

I have been trying to read some new books about succubus…. instead of just reading blogs to get my information,i am currently reading liber lilith and sexual alchemy by donald Tyson i heard they were the best out there for explaining succubi but like everything else i do in my life i had some problems with them. Btw if you want to read them here is some links.liber lilith: and sexual alchemy: . The problems with liber lilith is that it is telling the history of the world (i think:P) But when i read reviews about it people said that it is fiction so is this fiction or real and there is in the end sigils and seals to summon her (not sure i was just browsing the book) so if someone can help me out with the parts it will be greatly appreciated , tell me what is real or what is fiction and what is the context of this book till now i am at ch.8 and it is a little bit complicated! Also i think this the first time i am reading books without photos or that is not too complicated and sexual alchemy i am not going to read it atleast for now, it is way too compcomplicated if only there is a book called sexual alchemy and magick for dummies and beginners step by step in 5 minutes sigh.

Question from a Dick…yes his name is Dick

Jesus loves us all lolol jk

My Life With Lady Spirits

Hey pal, have you accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior?

My answer:  UMMMMMMMMMMMM……..Let me think……..I have demon wives I guess…I practice black magick…..I study all the things you fear.  I don’t believe in praying for shit to go away on its own….I think for myself……ummmmm…….

How about NO.

Next question…and I hope its an relevant one..and btw don’t insult me with religious bullshit.  we all studied the bible and went to church as kids, and have Christian relatives…or so they say they are, most of us have muslim friends, and I have twisted catholic family members, and I know jews. Therefore do you even know who or what Jesus is?  I’m not even gonna waste my time on destroying the 3 plagues (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) by explaining it in detail.  It has been said by so many already.  My advice, you can think for yourself, or you…

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What to expect if you tell the truth (the true satan of humanity)

one of the best blog posts I have read

My Life With Lady Spirits


I have been seeing a growing debate and posts on this subject.  Stay quiet and pretect to be inline with the status quo, or be honest with yourself and others and risk everything?  Let me tell you how fucked up Christianity is and all orgainized religons are.  Don’t agree with them and you will die.  Simple.  Nothing has changed over the years, My friend Jon, lost his family, his job and his entire way of life all because he didn’t live a lie.  He was h0nest with having a lady spirit, and they tryed to ruin him for it.  Tyler (temporal chamelion) was tested and caved in like a coward to save his ass.   My friend Ben has lady sprits and children, and the Catholic church (the true satan) tried to form a mob to take him by force and even the priest threathened to burn him alive.  Some other…

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what got me into the supernatural pt.1

today i will tell the story of my two years into the supernatural this gonna be a long post though lol  first things first in that time i didnt really watch youtube but when i started watching youtube i watched this science tricks videos you know like that crazy russian hacker guy and i watched a lot of fire tricks or whatevs but there was this one time i saw on my reccomended list how to do pyrokinesis i was like wtf is pyrokinesis so i thought it was some kind of fire trick so the guy said it was like you can control fire using your mind so i was like really so i researched it and found out more about pyrokinesis then another video was recommended for me it was about telekinesis so i researched i was fuck yeah i will learn this shit and one day i found this video on this channel his videos are deleted now btw it was a subliminals channel so i found a telekinesis subliminal on his channel and read the comments people said they are having crazy results like seeing auras and stuff so i tried it and i got more in to the world of subliminals and telekinesis and researched more and learned more i then found out about the third eye and that it gives you super powers and stuff i really got into it and tried to open it but i was a naive child and didnt know what i was getting into and i read things from retarded christians saying it was satanic and that i will get possesed so i was very afraid and i didnt sleep because i thought since i opened my third eye i might do astral  projection in an accident and i was afraid to get possesed and stuff so i didnt sleep i kept being awake and opened quran most of the time and i made myself afraid i was not going to school my mom was worried about me i thought this was all because of the third eye or whatever but it was because of me and negativity stupid me lol but whatever i kept being away from third eye and stuff like that and listend and read quran because i knew that god will protect me even though it was me who calmed himself it is just that i had that illusion that it was alright  by reading quran ok after that i slowly got into the world of subliminals again and then learned more and more about third eye and why i was stupid to go unprepared so i started learning about lucid dreaming and astral projecting and stuff and then i realised how stupid religion was and i was limited to religion so i started whatever i want without being afraid of god so thats a lot i have wrote i will complete in pt2 🙂league_of_angels-6

lucid dreaming

this week i will try lucid dreaming because it is very important for communicating with your succubus like you can lucid dream and call your succubus and  ask her important questions like her name and stuff if you are having difficulty communicating while being awake here is a link explaining more the problem with me and lucid dreaming or meditation that when i relax i worry more because it feels forced i cant relax without having to force my breath to be deeper slower or whatever but i will still try this time and hope to have succes and if i do i will write about it and the problem between me and normal dreams is that i always forget it no matter what even if i remember some things it will be so vague i hate that because i remember feeling good but not remembering the dream i will try the wake induced method from here wish me luck 🙂


why i want a succubi?

succubi i hate they how are not very common and known like lucid dreaming and astral projection so it is quite hard to get real information about them and i still do not have a succubi but it will happen one day i just need to focus my will and my meditation and stuff but it will happen eventually i mean i tried once but it didn’t work i think i just was not ready yet but when i read about what succubi can do or read personal experience it feels like this the thing i want like i would love her to be with me most of the time or all of the time i love how they take loyalty very seriously i love how they nag some people might not like it but just shows how much they love us and care about us and it makes it more realistic like if only they cared about sucking energy out of us or whatever bs people say i agree that some is bad but some are good like humans i mean for demons prespective we might be the demons i mean look at us we fight we kill we rape we hate and many ugly aweful things so what makes us differnet but there are good too but it is our will that says if we summon a good or bad one if you think negativity you are gonna attract negativity and vice versa i mean when i looked up succubus i knew it was the thing i wanted and needed 🙂7a3607690af45313428e2b00bcd0d1a3

what is life?

have you ever asked yourself what is life alot of things we dont know but does anything really matters i mean what happens when we die no one really knows do we go to the astral planes do we go to hell/heaven do get in nothingness for eternity like what most aethists believe in things are so overwhelming and complicated but what happens in the end i mean we are just insingnifacant beings on this small planet i mean see this incredibly large galaxy it is just a tiny spark in the universe are we really alone in this universe it cant be it is just too big is there aliens spirits demons gods like everything is just mindblowing so many questions so little answers does have to be answered why cant we just let it go does any thing really matter why cant we just let go why do we want answers what is the purpose i figured that i will  never know and i should propably let go2683103bc9e67027907f873ec5005d87.jpg