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Hello and welcome.

This blog is intended to be a journal focused on my relationship with my succubus, Catherine. I welcome all who are interested in the subject of spirit lovers, and offer this information as an additional true account of a human male interacting with sex spirits.

Before I continue, I want to make a disclaimer: This journal will contain graphic sexual depictions of my experiences. I have no intention of taming this material and it is intended for adult readers only. Also, I do not welcome those who wish to criticize me for my choices or the nature of my relationship with my succubus. I have heard every religious and spiritual condemnation there is; from Christians to New Agers, and Pagans of all kinds. Some will not be able to understand or even believe what I’m sharing, and that’s okay. Save yourself the time and effort if you wish to lecture me on the wickedness of my ways. I’m not interested.

Another disclaimer: This blog contains links and references to rituals relating to summoning a sex spirit and other kinds of sex magick. I am providing the links and information for reference and continued exploration. What you do with potentially dangerous and life-changing information is your responsibility.

For those with an open mind and a genuine interest in this subject, again, you are most welcome here. I am happy to share this experience as it has brought me more joy and spiritual growth than I ever thought possible.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there. Glad to see another member of the “extended family”. I love your site and would be honored if you would like to mine: succunation.wordpress.com as I have to yours.

    • A little info: I am currently in a relationship with two wonderful lady spirits, my first wife, Heather and now her best friend as well, my wife Aurora.

      • Hey Succunation,

        I thought I had already replied to this… sorry about that!
        Looks like it’s confirmed that I’m bunking with two female spirits as well, so it’s nice to see someone else out there who can relate.

        I have added a link to your blog in my “Links to Additional Reading” page. I will be following your posts as well.

        Thanks for reading!

  2. I’ve finaly found someone that I can relate to. I experience the same thing since 2010 and it profoundly affected my life ever since.

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